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Investing in Windsor, Ontario

Learn how to purchase investment properties in Windsor, Ontario.

Elevate Your Real Estate Investments with OLH Group and Paul J Rouillard

When it comes to your next real estate investment, trust the expertise of OLH Group and Paul J Rouillard. As our Broker of Record and the founder of OLH Group, Paul is not only a seasoned professional but also an active investor with multiple tenants and a portfolio of cash purchase flip properties.

Paul's comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience make him a trusted authority in the Windsor Real Estate market. Engage in a conversation with Paul, and you'll quickly witness the depth of his insights. Whether it's navigating repairs, managing maintenance, identifying prime locations, steering clear of less desirable streets, or mastering the art of pricing, values, and negotiation—Paul is an expert across the board.

Choose OLH Group and Paul J Rouillard for your real estate journey, and benefit from a wealth of expertise that goes beyond transactions—transforming your investments into success stories.