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Property Management and Leasing Agent
Property Management and Leasing Agent

Your Trusted Partner in Property Management and Leasing Agent Services

Founded by Paul J. Rouillard

Rent4All Property Management Inc. is proudly founded and operated by Paul J. Rouillard, a real estate broker of record. Additionally, Paul runs the Ontario Landlord Help Group, which boasts over 27,000 members. Each month, we receive over 300 posts and questions from landlords, and our vibrant community generates over 20,000 comments, fostering an invaluable support network.
Ontario Landlord Self Help
Ontario Landlord Self Help

Experience You Can Rely On

Since our establishment in 2003, Rent4All Property Management Inc. has built a solid reputation for excellence. With years of experience in the Ontario real estate market, we understand the unique challenges landlords face. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to property ownership, our dedicated team ensures seamless management of your assets.

The Importance of Legal Expertise

Through our extensive years in business, we have learned that having a paralegal on hand is one of the most crucial aspects of any landlord portfolio. Therefore, we have negotiated a partnership with Landlord Pro Legal SPC, who work directly from our office. This collaboration means there’s no need to source paralegals elsewhere; they are right here with us, ready to assist our clients.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

At Rent4All, we are committed to providing tailored solutions that maximize your returns and offer peace of mind. As your leasing agent, we utilize our market expertise to find high-quality tenants efficiently, ensuring consistent rental income.

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Discover how our comprehensive property management and leasing agent services can benefit you. Trust Rent4All Property Management Inc. to handle your property needs with professionalism and care. Contact us today to learn more!

Property Management, Leasing Agent, Real Estate, and Paralegal Services All Under One Roof

Property Management Windsor Ontario

Google Reviews

Discover why Rent4All Property Management Inc. maintains an exceptional 4.9 rating on Google. With over 30 reviews, our clients consistently praise our dedicated service and expertise in property management and real estate. Take a moment to read what others are saying about their experiences with Rent4All Property Management and Ontario Landlord Help Group.

Property Management

We offer comprehensive property management services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our team handles everything from tenant screening and lease management to maintenance and repairs, ensuring your property is well-maintained and profitable.

Leasing Agent

At Rent4All Property Management Inc., our leasing agent services are designed to provide the highest level of exposure and quality tenant screening. Powered by List It Realty Brokerage Inc., our leasing agents post all listings directly on, ensuring maximum visibility. We believe that using the MLS and systems allows our leasing agents to attract higher quality tenants. Trust our expert leasing agents to manage your rental properties effectively and efficiently.

Real Estate Services

As a full-service real estate firm, we assist clients in buying, selling, and leasing properties. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, an investor looking to expand your portfolio, or a property owner seeking to sell, our experienced agents are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Our Expertise

Paul J. Rouillard, our owner and operator, is an expert in the field of real estate and property management. He personally handles all aspects of property management, including flipping properties and using all cash for transactions. With his extensive knowledge and hands-on approach, you can trust that your property is in capable hands.

Property Management Windsor

Our Legal Focus

At Rent4All Property Management Inc., we prioritize the legal aspect within our property management services. Working closely with Landlord Pro Legal SPC, a specialized paralegal firm, we ensure your properties are fully compliant with the law. We handle your tenants with care, maintaining high-quality renters who pay rent consistently. If issues arise, Landlord Pro Legal SPC mitigates risks effectively, navigating Ontario's tenancy laws with precision and dedication.

Our Partners

We share our office with Landlord Pro Legal SPC, a paralegal firm specializing in landlord-tenant law. This partnership allows us to offer our clients seamless access to legal advice and services, ensuring all aspects of property management and real estate transactions are handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Leasing Agent Windsor Ontario
Property Management Services in Windsor Ontario

Our Community

We are proud owners of the Ontario Landlord Help Group, a thriving community with over 26,900 members. This group is a valuable resource for landlords across Ontario, offering support, advice, and the latest updates on landlord-tenant regulations. Every month, we assist thousands of landlords, helping them navigate the complexities of property management and legal issues.

Welcome Message

Welcome to our empowered team of real estate and paralegal professionals, dedicated to optimizing your property management experience in Windsor. We specialize in ensuring timely rent payments and effective tenant management. Our focus encompasses rent collection, including N4 forms, and the seamless organization of online portals. Our ultimate goal is to streamline the rent payment process for your tenants, ensuring punctuality and property maintenance. By entrusting us with your property management needs, you not only enhance your rental income but also position your property for potential high sale values in the future. Discover the difference of our comprehensive approach to property management in Windsor, where professionalism meets results. Explore the advantages of our expertise in real estate investing and paralegal services, and let us elevate your property ownership experience.

Leasing Services Windsor Ontario

24/7/365 Tenant Care

We are available 24/7, including holidays, to provide attentive care for your tenants.

Leasing Agent

Our leasing agent services list on for the best tenant quality and top property exposure.

N4 - Non Payment of Rent

If your tenant fails to pay rent by the 1st, our system will trigger a notification for us to prepare an N4 form.

Legal Forms, Eviction, N5, N8, N12, N13

Our office handles various types of eviction scenarios for landlords. We handle every type of evictions. We have the experience to come up with uniques ways of terminating tenancies.

Rent Increases

We automatically send reminders to increase the rent on our units yearly.

Landlord Coach

Our landlord coaching program offers a monthly strategy session, providing valuable suggestions and innovative approaches for managing your properties more effectively. Our goal is to help you increase rental income and reduce expenses.

Day to Day Management

We handle all of the day to day property management with a focus on communicating with your tenant for you.

Tenant Turnover, Screening, Application, Lease Creation.

We offer digital application services, and once the tenant is approved, our system will automatically generate the Ontario standard lease. Our team will then onboard your tenants into our system and welcome them to our portal, which includes a set of guidelines outlining how we manage tenancies and our expectations.

Digitize the Entire Workflow.

We streamline your entire tenancy process through digitalization, making management significantly more convenient and efficient with the use of our advanced technology.

Access Monthly and Yearly Accounting Statements with a Single Click.

With a simple click, you can view your monthly and yearly income statements, along with detailed rent ledgers and rent rolls.

Rent Collection w/ Automatic Bank Transfers

We collect rent monthly and enforce strict payment deadlines on the 1st of each month. Our system automatically deposits into your bank account.

24hr on Call for Emergencies

We are always on call. 365 days a year.

Work Orders and Maintenance

We handle every type of emergencies and also manage major renovations.

Landlord and Tenant Board Prep and Advice

We understand how the LTB works and how the tribunal is handled. We can help you prep for your case.

Routine Inspections

We offer routine inspections of your units.

Fire Safety Inspections

We offer fire inspections twice per year.